Memories of Montparnasse

The great personalities gathered here at La Rotonde, Le Dome, Le Select and La Coupole. Our journey will include stops at these icons of Les Années Folles and conversation about Hemingway, Man Ray, Modigliani, Kiki and others.

Our program will began at the Hotel Lutetia built to accommodate the shoppers who came to Paris to load up at  Le Bon Marché followed by a brief stop at Eiffel's other monument dedicated to as Zola described it :Au Bonheur des Dames.

Next up le Marché Raspail

And, on the the 4 great cafés of Les Années Folles -La Rotonde, Le Select, Le Dome and La Coupole and the stories their walls reveal.

Exclusive of lunch at La Coupole

1-2 persons 350 euros

3-4 persons 500 euros


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