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Join one of my flaneur tours and enjoy unique moments filled with anecdotes and discovery!

Experience Paris’ highlights with a friend!

As fellow Americans living in Paris, Deanna, your museum tour guide, and I are in a unique position to introduce you to the best the city has to offer. We’ve embraced the magic that is Paris, made it our own, and look forward to sharing it with you.
As you’ll see, there is no better way to discover Paris than with a friend who gets who you are and what you’re most likely to enjoy, can see past the obvious that locals take for granted, and offer the secret joys of the City of Light.

Classic Flaneur Tour

I invite you to join me for a Paris walking tour au flaneur as we went our way from one side of Seine beginning with a discussion of the importance of the café in Parisian life and the luminaries like Sartre, de Beauvoir, Camus, Juliette Greco and Miles Davis who filled them, to the other, pausing to enjoy the obvious (the Louvre) and the slightly hidden (passage Vivienne). In our travels we will meet the wine
merchants, galeristes, restaurateurs and eccentric personalities who have become my friends and will give you a warm welcome to the neighborhood.
A day of guerrilla theater with me as director and you as an actor whose unique observations and impressions add a texture and spontaneity to our script. Among our Right Bank stops will be the courtyards of the Louvre, the Palais Royal and gardens, Les Halles, and many more.

Tour Duration: 10AM-3PM (estimated), no-host lunch
Host: Terrance Gelenter
Price: 1-2 persons: 350 euros
Price: 3-4 persons: 500 euros

Louvre Museum Tour

This tour is an ideal introduction to the museum. Following a chronological circuit, it explores all three wings of the former palace of the kings and emperors of France including its architectural evolution. Some of the highlights include the Khorsabad Palace in The Ancient Near East department, The Venus de Milo, the recently restored Winged Victory of Samothrace and Leonardo’s Mona Lisa

On Demand except Tuesdays.
1-2 persons: 350 euros (includes admission-no waiting)
3-4 persons: 500 euros ( includes admission-no waiting)

Orsay Museum Tour

This tour introduces the rich decorative arts and furniture collection of the museum from the end of the Second Empire in 1870 through to 1900 with the Art Nouveau period. We will then continue on to explore the French painting collection of the same period with the Impressionist and Post-Impressionist movements.

2-Hour Tour on Demand except Monday.
1-2 persons: 350 euros ( includes admission-no waiting)
3-4 persons: 500 euros (includes admission-no waiting)

Memories of Montparnasse

The great personalities gathered here at La Rotonde, Le Dome, Le Select and La Coupole. Our journey will include stops at these icons of Les Années Folles and conversation about Hemingway, Man Ray, Modigliani, Kiki and others.
Our program will began at the Hotel Lutetia built to accommodate the shoppers who came to Paris to load up at Le Bon Marché followed by a brief stop at Eiffel's other monument dedicated to as Zola described it :Au Bonheur des Dames.

Include an exclusive lunch at La Coupole

1-2 persons 350 euros
3-4 persons 500 euros

Host: Terrance Gelenter
Price: 1-2 persons: 350 euros
Price: 3-4 persons: 500 euros

Les Deux Magots

Our day with Terrance was a highlight of our fabulous week in Paris. From the moment we met him at Les Deux Magots and he quickly broke into song, we knew we were in for a fun-filled day. Because Terrance has so many friends in Paris, including waiters, shopkeepers, and random people on the street, he made us feel like insiders. He took us down streets we never would have discovered without him, and shared pieces of history we hadn't heard about. From the delicious puff-pastry shop we happened upon, to the 19th-century shopping arcades, we experienced some of the delights of Paris that most tourists never discover. Terrance's knowledge of all things Parisian is endless; he knows the history as well as interesting tidbits about the cafe culture. Once our tour was over, Terrance let us know that he was available for the rest of our trip as a resource for restaurant recommendations, shopping, and questions. His suggestions were excellent, and the lunch we had on our tour was the best of the week. I highly recommend the Paris Walking Tour au Flaneur, or any other tour that Terrance is offering.
Amy Kilbridge, East Lansing, Michigan

Chez Vong

I’ve been visiting Paris since 1948 and thought I knew it very well. It didn't take long for me to realize that I didn't know the back ways and alley ways. Terrance showed us an entirely new side of Paris. Terrance also introduced us to Parisians he's met over the years and kept us entertained through the day. I thought I knew Parisian food but Terrance introduced us to an amazing Chinese restaurant, Chez Vong. Thank you Terrance. Will see you again in April.
Phillip Kazan, Périgord

American in Paris

Our host Terrance Gelenter combines the journalist’s eye for detail and subtext and the film critic’s knowledge of cinematic Paris, accompanied by the saloon singer’s ability to sing a few bars of songs, in French and English, inspired by Paris–imagine that you are in one of Hollywood’s great musicals about Paris.
Philip Knowlton & Suzanne Fitzgerald, Sebastapol, CA


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