About Terrance

Since I fell in love with Paris, I’ve developed a network of amazing people and places I can share with you

Welcome to my Paris. It’s been ten years since I took the leap, sold my 2,000 volume library and came to Paris. In that short time I have become an authentic French-speaking Parisian with a heavy dose of the Brooklyn energy that has made it so easy to meet and befriend restaurateurs, café owners, winemakers, night club owners and you, the client/friends who visit me and my gang regularly.

Paris par Hasard

Terrance is the author of ‘Paris par Hasard: from Bagels to Brioches, a spirited, anecdote-filled memoir that has its poignant moments that follows a life that began in post-war Casablanca, continued in the coal mining country of western Pennsylvania, acquired definition on the streets of Brooklyn, added polish in San Francisco and ultimately ended and restarted in the Paris he was born to inhabit. He has carved out a new and exciting life in Paris, filled with the art, wine, food and music that characterize his favorite city. He is waiting to share it with you, perhaps at the Café Les Deux Magots?

– Cédric de Sereys (consultant)

“Fans and friends of Terrance will not be surprised (or maybe they will) at this breezy and charming memoir, and those who don't know him will enjoy making a new friend.”
Diane Johnson, author of Le Divorce

Like Paris itself, this compact book is filled with secret streets and splendid boulevards, legend and lore, the present and the past, along with passionate talk at cafe tables, the breeze off a great river, the charm of bookstores, the majesty of galleries and museums, and, of course, the most important of all human emotions: delight. It's like an evening with M. Gelenter.
Pete Hamill

If you ever wondered how Terrance Gelenter came to earn the title 'Mister Paris', this book will tell you. A 'grande bouffe' of gossip, anecdote and revelation. Enjoy!”
John Baxter, author of The Most Beautiful Walk in the World