Pleasures of the PERIGORD/ 2025 Departures

Join me for 7 days and 6 nights in the heart of Le Périgord. We will be welcomed by Diane & Eric Anthonissen at their Chateau Ladausse for gastronomic meals, elegantly prepared and presented, elegant accommodations, swimming, and, of course, local wines.

The  program will feature, as always, lodging and dining with our friends Eric and Diane Anthonissen at the Chateau Ladausse and a day in Le Bugue with Martin WALKER including a festive lunch at his home.

Spring & Fall 2025 dates TBD

next departure april 2025

We will assemble at the market in Le Bugue (Saint-Denis in the books) where we will meet many of the characters who supply the victuals that figure so prominently in the Bruno books, by a tasting at Julien de Sauvignac, producer of Cuvée Bruno, followed by lunch Chez Martin-a feast to be experienced to be believed.

Indeed, while the characters in the Bruno novels have access to all the great wines of the world, they often choose to drink their local bottles, like one of Bruno’s favorites, Château de Tiregand in Pécharmant, which also happens to be one of Mr. Walker’s favorites. The proprietor, François-Xavier de Saint-Exupéry (a distant cousin of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry), served several older bottles. I was most struck by the 2005 Pécharmant. These reds are made from the same grapes as Bordeaux, the powerful neighbor on the coast, grown in similarly gravelly soils. It was earthy and lovely, intense and refreshing. At 12 years of age, the youthful fruitiness was just beginning to give way to complex minerality.“We like to hunt, we like mushrooms, we like a glass of wine,” Mr. Saint-Exupéry said, speaking to traditions that have sustained Pécharmant for centuries.Eric Asimov NY TImes

Itinerary-There may be some modifications based on availability of our partners-final intinereray will be posted once we have selected 2025 fates

All Meals included, Cost of Train travel not included

Monday Sept. 23rd: Arrival in Agen Train Station, TGV 8505, depart 11h11 Paris, arrival 14h23 Agen, direct train, 1 stop in Bordeaux (without change of train).  Group pick up by private driver for a transfer to Château LADAUSSE.   Welcome dinner at the chateau.  Please note that some people elect to travel here on their own (rental car) and that is perfectly fine.  Please inquire if you would like an extended stay before or after the program dates.

Tuesday Sept. 24th: Depart at 9h00 to Le Bugue, market and tour of the area with Martin Walker.  Lunch with Martin Walker at his home in Périgord. Return to Ladausse, dinner (light).

Wednesday Sept. 25th: Depart to Château de Fayolle at 9h00. Winery visit and wine tasting. Copious lunch at Château Fayolle. Return via Bergerac, Free time to explore/shop, depending on interest and time available. Dinner at Ladausse.

Thursday Sept. 26th: Depart to Monflanquin around 9h30. Visit the market with Cheffe Diane Anthonissen. Return to Ladausse, cooking class and lunch to follow. Enjoy a relaxing afternoon at the property. Massages can be organized with reservation.   Mini wine atelier at 18h for 1 hour, with Eric Anthonissen.   Light dinner. 


Friday Sept. 27th: Depart at 9h00 for a visit of the charming medieval village of Sarlat where you will have a short walking tour with Eric and then will be free to do shopping on your own in the many boutiques.  Lunch on your own.  Stop at Domme and/or La Roque Gagéac on the way back to Ladausse.  Dinner at the chateau.

Saturday Sept. 28th: Depart at 10h30 to duck farm, Ferme Souleilles 47140 Frespech.  Musée du foie gras visit with owner.  Lunch out.  Return to Ladausse via Penne d’Agenais.   Evening dinner at Ladausse 


Sunday Sept. 29th: Brunch is served following a departure to Agen train station around 11:30. For those traveling back to Paris, please plan to buy a sandwich at the train station.  Arrival in Paris is around 5pm.

Morning Terrance, wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed the 6 nights Perigord tour, that was the best experience for us,
Eric and Diane’s hospitality beyond and above, they make you feel home away from home in their beautiful comfortable chateauDiane’s cooking that she served every day is out of this world, not only delicious, the textures, quality and quantity are on top on the beautiful presentation
Well! I personally think you undersold the Perigord tour in past, we didn’t think it was that great until we took that tour myself, will definitely share with others the joyful amazing experiences
By the way, forgot to add, our group including Diane and Erick and Skippy , we became like a family very quick, everyone seems to relax have a great time joking, chatting, laughing and etc.
I will sure miss that all and more…..

Minche Myers

A trip to heaven…oops the Périgord. 

Once off the train in Agen, the relaxation begins—the toughest decisions are white or red wine; chardonnay or sauvignon blanc.    Even with those decisions, Eric is there with expert guidance.   Soon the discussion will be about shy vs. expressive wines.Camaraderie becomes the feature event…whether teasing Terrance, swapping tales about adventures or marveling about Diane’s dinners.    Louise and I connected with the rest of the group almost immediately and the laughter flowed freely.

The beauty of the countryside, the food, the conversation blend together to make the trip a little bit of heaven.    The most captivating time is with Martin Walker, author, historian, and storyteller beyond all.   As Martin recreated the places and times of the area,  his stories became history.

Charly Rupp & Louise Walsh, DC

The trip to the Perigord with Terrance was like a dream come true. Eric,the owner of Chateau Ladusse met us at Agen station and we were off. The scenery took my breath away, all shades of green and Lilacs in bloom everywhere. I felt as if my 'Fairy Godmother ' had waved her magic wand and put me into one of the most beautiful rooms. my view of the grounds was spectacular. The wine and food presented by Eric and Diane was beyond Michelin stars. Then came the next highlight -- meeting the celebrated author Martin Walker. We were invited to his home for a grand lunch prepared by his wife. Martin's Bruno,chief of Police series has been most successful. Even the wine he produces carries the Bruno label. Needless to say,the wining and dining with exclusive company was over the top. By all means,this is an adventure not to be missed!Angela Bellante, Petaluma, CA

Our recent trip into the Perigord was fantastic.  To begin with, Chateau Ladausse was a great place to stay: the rooms were everything one could hope for, Diane’s meals were over the top, and Eric was a great guide.  Lunch with Martin Walker after his tour around Le Buge was the hi light—he was a gracious host, and the lunch itself in his dining room was truly memorable, full of lively conversation, with food reflected all the wonderful things one hopes for in the region.  Martin’s wife Julia was equally interesting and charming, and a tremendous cook to boot.  It was a treat to meet her, and Martin’s friend Raymond as well—a real character.  Our tour of Cahors, the lunch at Chateau Mercues, and the walk around Chateau Biron added even more interest to an altogether wonderful experience in Perigoridian history and gastronomy.  Thanks for putting together a sojourn we won’t soon forget.'Gil and Patsy Diekmann, Tiburon, CA

'This was our second trip and it was a delight. Chateau Ladausse is a wonderful place and Diane and Eric make the experience very special. Martin Walker and his wife Julia were also superb hosts. They welcomed us with delicious food, conversation, wine and hospitality! Altogether , a terrific time in Le Périgord.'Berry Stafford & Pat Holt

he rates are:

Double Occupancy: 3840.00€ per person, split in 2 payments: 

  • 800€ due to Terrence Gelenter;
  • 3040€ paid to Chateau Ladausse.

Single Occupancy: 4290€ per person, split in 2 parts:

  • 800€ due to Terrence Gelenter;
  • 3490€ due to Chateau Ladausse.

What is included in the Net Price:

  • All transportation with professional driver during the stay (Agen to Agen)
  • 1 day with Martin Walker in Le Bugue
  • Eric as a guide throughout the week.
  • 5 Breakfast at Ladausse
  • 1 Brunch at Ladausse
  • 6 Dinners at Ladausse – Diane a s the Chef!
  • 1 Cooking Lesson followed by Lunch at Ladausse
  • 1 Wine Workshop at Ladausse followed by a dinner (or during)
  • 3 Lunches out, 1 lunch at Ladausse
  • Entrance Fees
  • Complimentary drinks during your stay (within reason!)
  • Access to the fridge in case you are tempted to buy food or beverage souvenirs!

Important Notes:

The Spring 2024 Perigord Tour with Martin Walker will only be confirmed once a Minimum Group Size of 6 people is reached, not counting Martin Walker, Terrance Gelenter and Diane / Eric Anthonissen.

Due to the uncertainties related to reaching the Minimum Group Size, we propose a 2-step Registration process:

  • 1st step: 'Intention to Register Step':  The goal is to identify and take deposit from interested travelers. The period for this step is from December 2023 until either such time as the minimum group size is reached or latest 30 June 2024. The interested travelers will be asked to pay 800€ per traveler directly to Terrence Gelenter. At the end of this step, either the minimum number of travelers has been reached, go to the 2nd step below, or it is not. In such case, the interested travelers are individually informed and the 800€ payment is fully reimbursed. Château Ladausse recommends to the travelers to avoid booking any flight during this step. Château Ladausse strongly recommends travelers to subscribe to a travel insurance policy in case they would need to cancel the trip for reasons beyond their control (classic travel insurance).  Note that there is no refund in case the traveler changes his/her mind once the tour is confirmed.
  • 2nd step: 'Registration Completion Step'. The minimum group size is achieved; the tour is confirmed. The interested travelers are informed that the trip is a go (Confirmation Date). The balance of the tour is due to Chateau Ladausse in 2 instalments: 50% of the balance due at the Confirmation Date and the other 50% 1 month prior to the start of the tour. Chateau Ladausse will issue a proforma invoice at the Confirmation date.

For more information please contact me at