A ‘Place’ of My Own

Photo: Ginevra HELD

Beverly Held, Ph.D. aka ‘Dr. B.’

Today we are going to visit some galleries that are as cool as you are (which is very cool, since at least last week) which are located along one of the most charming squares in all the world. Not hyperbole. To get there from where I live now, (the lively 11th, no longer the moribund 16th) I walk along rue du Chemin Vert, cross Boulevard Beaumarchais and turn right onto rue Pas de la Mule which becomes the Pavilion de la Reine.  When you get to the end of the Pavilion de la Reine, you will arrive at Ma Bourgogne on the left. For awhile I had reason to meet people with some frequency at Ma Bourgogne (don’t ask). And while I may not be as young as the two women who graced the terrace of Ma Bourgogne on the cover of the first edition of Patricia Wells’ iconic Food Lover’s Guide to Paris, I am living my best life now, here in Paris, and that includes drinks on the terrace of Ma Bourgogne. But, I hear you asking, with museums and restaurants around the Place closed, (sadly Ma Bourgogne isn’t even doing ‘click and collect’) why does the Place still beckon? Two reasons - the space itself, bien sûr, and the many aforementioned, very cool galleries located mostly on the Pavilion de la Reine side, ‘my’ side of the Place. Let’s explore the Place and check out some of the galleries.

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