Meet Mme Marval, A Feminist Fauve

Meet Mme Marval, A Feminist Fauve 

Comité Jacqueline Marval, Paris

Beverly Held, Ph.D. aka ‘Dr. B.’ 

Today I am going to tell you about an artist and an art gallery that I have been keeping for just this moment. Because now the days are dark and dreary and some days it rains all day. And FYI, ‘intermittent rain’ isn’t really much better. The bright side? How’s this? Even though all the museums are closed now (for no good reason IMHO), I was able to discover the work of an enchanting artist at a gallery just off Rue des Martyrs where the gallery owner, after having become smitten by the artist’s work, did what, well, he did what anybody would do if they could, he began collecting her work. And I had the pleasure of wandering around the gallery looking at a treasure trove of glorious paintings. And then, having been invited to lunch, I sat in a space surrounded by some of the most scrumptious paintings in the collection. The name of the artist to whom I am going to introduce you is Jacqueline Marval, a name she invented for herself when she was about 30 years old and embarking upon a career as an artist. Trained as a teacher, she taught herself to sew & embroider gilets, (waistcoats, vests) and then, living among artists in Montparnasse, she taught herself to paint. 

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