Bloom Garden

Chef Olivier Streiff brings a provençal/Asian touch to his creations that burst with flavour and spices in a garden like atmosphere that's modern but not cold.

Although only opened since September the BLOOM GARDEN has already earned a good reputation and the room was filled on inclement Tuesday evening.

Comme d'habitude M and I began our meal with a coupe de champagne (Castelnau Brut.) Once the bubbles were  consumed we selected a Chorey-les-Beaunes from Domaine Georges Roy et Fils.

M began with gravlax topped grilled sesame seeds and pickled chou-rave-tasty and crunchy.

My tataki de boeuf was delicious and copious-large enough to be classified as a main course.

A simple pavé de maigre became exceptonal with ravioli, tomatos, lemon and green anis.

My tournedos de veau, polenta, baby carrots and licorice was the only disappointment of the evening-just too simple for the menu-I would have  preferred a more audacious adaptation of this classic.

Chef  Sreiff's cheesecake was an inspiration that was a revelation for this Brooklyn cheesecake devoté-feathery light with an explosion of fresh fruit.

So check it out pre-Olympics before the word gets out.

Bloom Garden at Bloom House

23 rue du Chateau Landon

Paris 75010

01 83 64 53 53



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