The Paris Readers Circle & Culture Club

Enhance your Paris experience

In my thirteen years as a Paris resident I have made many friends in the Paris cultural landscape and have created a special membership program that will offer you opportunities to enjoy a constantly evolving menu of activities especially selected for you. I hope you will join our community of like minded spirits and share these experiences with me and other members.


I love my membership in the Paris Readers Circle and Culture Club!  What  a bargain! I have already received much more in value than the nominal membership fee, and the books I have received have been excellent.  nMore importantly, my membership has permitted me to continue my vicarious expat wannabe adventures from home.  nThanks for this opportunity and keep the books coming!nÀ bientôt!Bobby Stepp, Columbia SC

Wow.  My membership in the Paris Readers Circle & Culture Club has been such a lovely surprise!nI immediately won--when I never win anything ever-- two hot-off-the-press hardback books priced at more than my membership fee!nDelighted to have them arrive in NYC within days.  Presents from Paris!Clarissa McNair, Novelist, memoir-writer, private detective