Le Roi du Pot-au-Feu

It was a cold day with a sprinkling of snowflakes that screamed pot-au-feu.


Where to go was obvious, and with a name like the King of Pot-au-Feu, the decison was easy. It was also January 13, my daughter's birthday, and as she had been praising this little Norman bistro for years, she joined me.


There are other things on the menu, but you don't come here for anything else unless you are a vegetarian. At Le Roi, you start off with a small bowl of the broth in preparation for the plate of marrow bone,  boiled beef, potatoes, carrots and cabbage. Cornichons, sel de Guerande, mustard and a bottle of Cote Roannoise complemented this bistro classic.

At 20 euros for the main course (broth is 5 euros extra) and 20 euros for the wine it was as easy on the pocketbook as it was going down.

Le Roi du Pot au Feu – 34 rue Vignon – 75009 Paris – Tél 01 47 42 37 10

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