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Beverly Held, Ph.D. aka ‘Dr. B.’

Today I am going to talk to you about an exhibition of contemporary art that Erin and I saw last week. WAIT DON’T GO. We can do this, we can boldly go where far too few mature folk have gone before. We can go, heads up, eyes open into the present, actually the contemporary, art scene. We don’t want to be like those people who derided and mocked the Impressionists and the Fauves, aka Monet and Matisse and chose boring, conventional art over the art that we now all love. While you might suggest that it is easier for me to look at, to ‘understand’ contemporary art because I am an art historian, remember, it was the academicians who dismissed Impressionism and the art critics who mocked it. The name ‘Impressionism’ was not a compliment and Fauvism was a slur, too. The gallery I am going to take you to has just opened and it is a nice little walk from my apartment, even nicer now that  the freezing rain has stopped, at least at present. Called GalleriaContinua Paris, it is not a proper gallery yet. That will come later, after the gallery is renovated, after this inaugural exhibition. Right now it is a series of storefronts, along Rue du Temple, just down from the Pompidou. The interior doesn’t suggest that anything was ever made here. It is a series of small rooms and corridors lined with shelves, more of a rabbit warren than an organized space through which you move in what is normally conceived of as architecture. There was, throughout, a sense of improvisation and the temporary, which seems just right for our particular moment in time, hors time, when grand chefs are offering ‘Click-and-Collect,’ take-away meals and the signage in this gallery is make-do post-its. Click here to keep reading about the exhibition at the GalleriaContinua You will be taken to my website, where you will find all of my articles that originally appeared in the Paris Insider. My articles will always appear here first, on Tuesdays and at where you can also learn more about me, ‘Dr. B.'

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