Pied à Terre in Saint-Germain des Prés

Ideally situated on the Rue de Seine in the 6eme arrondissement in a former convent this is a perfect way to immerse yourself in the vibrancy of Saint-Germain. Tis is a charming Grand Studio divided into three rooms.

A very large 30 square meter Living Room  (double bed + double sofa bed )with 3.5 meter ceilings.

Fully equipped kitchen with washing machine and dishwasher with bar and dining area.

Large bathroom


Rental Fees:

1 week 980 euros

1 month 3500

Longer stays negotiable

Contact: Terrance@paris-expat.com


Michael Westra July 2, 2022

Looks very interesting - Where on Rue de Seine is it located (Nearest cross street)?

    Terrance Gelenter July 4, 2022

    Hi Michael-I'll get the info to you later today-What dates did you have in mind? FYI Always best to communicate via email at Terrance@paris-expat.com

    Terrance Gelenter July 4, 2022

    63 rue de Seine

      Judi Lawenda July 30, 2022

      It appears to be a single without a separate bedroom, correct?

        Terrance Gelenter August 5, 2022


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