Le Gallopin

Le Gallopin has been serving classic cuisine bourgeoise since 1876, so the question is why did I wait until now to discover it? Better late than never.

Like most brasseries there are polished wooden surfaces and lots of brass but unlike most brasseries the space is divided into there distinct areas: the bar and dining tables at the entrance and the cozy nook that leads to the main dining room with art nouveau interior windows.

M began with leeks vinaigrette-al dente, not mushy as is often the case in many brasseries, and finished off with a sprinkling of nuts.

I chose Savarin's classic L'Oreiller de la Belle Aurore. I selected a Graves Rouge from Château de Landiras « Sainte-Jeanne » - 2015 that we stayed with throughout the meal.

Whenever M sees choucroute de poissons a sale has been made but she is often disappointed as the fish are overwhelmed by the sauerkraut. In this case, however, it was haddock, cod, salmon and Saint-Jacques on a light bed of sauerkraut. The dish is so refined that the sauerkraut is light and fragrant more like an herb than a vegetable.

I opted for the Cuisse de lapin à la moutarde. Once again a classic dish that wasn't dominated by the mustard.

It was now dessert time and while I had profiteroles bathed in chocolate M ordered the omelette norvégienne flambéed in raspberry eau de vie.

We so thoroughly enjoyed the evening that we are going back next week with friends.

Le Gallopin
40, rue Notre-Dame des Victoires 75002 PARIS

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