A la Table du Bon Roi Stanislaus in Nancy

Enjoy historical and delicious French and Polish cuisine based on recipes created during the 18th century reign of Good King Stanislaus.

Our waiter started us off with a dry Pinot Gris that was so good we stayed with it throughout the meal.

It drank very well with Bouchées Marie LESZCZYNSKA( King Stanislaus' daughter), a riff on the classic Bouchées à la Reine.

Our main course was a roasted filet de bar sprinkled with diced vegetables, ta timbale of turnips and topped with a coulis of beets.

M opted for the Szarlotka of Pomme et Mirabelle

and since I love Baba au Rhum I tried the King Stanislaus version with Tokay substituting for rhum.

The obligatory eau de vie Mirabelle and this luncheon fit for a king was complete.

A la Table du Bon Roi Stanislas
Adresse : 7 rue Gustave Simon, Nancy, Lorraine

Téléphone : 03 83 35 36 52

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